About us

We are a music production studio led by a single premise: to compose music for films, documentaries, video games, or even live shows. Our training and experience allows us to face any musical challenge. We have training both in music and technology so we can work fluidly in any style (choral and symphonic music, pop-rock, electronic or any other!). We love working together too! We are a team: Carles Gumí, composer, conductor and producer, and Pau Damià Riera, pianist, composer and sound designer.


We enjoy cinema in all its forms. And video games, of course! We love live music, obviously, because we are also performers. But above all, we want to make music for all kind of visual art. And always in a very cinematic way, definitely, because the great film composers are our models. In recent years, following the latest trends in adaptive and generative music, we have also dedicated part of our work to sound design, always focusing  into the most musical aspect of the term.


Atic2a is our passion, our dream. And we are here so you can fulfill your dream: we want your project, your work, with the most suitable music. Because your project is worth it, because you deserve it.


email: info@atic2a.com

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