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We love the challenge of writing music for media.

A film, a documentary, an advertisement, any kind of  moving image needs an essential ingredient that gives the final touch. The music expresses a whole palette of feelings and adds the color needed to determine exactly what we want to convey to the public. This challenge is our goal and our extensive training in music and technology allows us to approach it with the best guarantees.

So we can offer the following services


  • Composing
    We create original music for different purposes: melodies, jingles, soundtracks, audiovisuals, incidental music, songs... All kind of pieces from the simplest to the most complex.

  • Arrangements
    Do you have a melody or a song and want to play it with an specific ensemble? Do you want to play a piece but you don't have all needed instruments? We adapt the piece to your group of instruments with the appropriate level of difficulty.


Moreover there are other related processes in which we also have extensive experience:


  • Music Production
    Whether from a score, MIDI or one to several audio tracks recorded, we can do the production, mixing and mastering of your musical projects and concerts.

  • Recording
    Live or study, multitrack recording of your performances, concerts and musical projects. If necessary, we could travel to the place you choose for the recording.

  • Music Edition
    Do you need to transcript a manuscript to a digital format? Would you like to edit a score? We can offer all services in digital score editing.



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